The Union of Inspiration and Fear

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Whether it scares or inspires us, the fact is we are all in this together. Continue reading


Corner Office Anatomy – How To Use Your Chair to Relieve Your Lower Back

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In this segment of my Corner Office Anatomy series I’m focusing on a part of the body where almost everyone has or will experience pain: the lower back. Why is lower back pain so unavoidable? Well, as with all body experiences, the answer … Continue reading


The Best Way to Lose a Pet

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I never thought I would be the kind of person that would love a pet so much. You probably don’t need to hear all about my troubled childhood (full of depression and other unhappinesses), but I will sum it up by … Continue reading


Corner Office Anatomy – How To Ease Your Upper Back

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We are a desk-sitting culture. Even with all my yoga practicing and teaching, I still sit at a desk far more than my body appreciates. And I know many of you do too. We all know this: proper posture is … Continue reading