7 Pictures Are Better Than Words

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I recently returned from a 6 week trip to India, and since I’ve been back I have literally been walking around with my head in the clouds. It’s like I don’t want to come back down to reality because the … Continue reading


The Mindfulness Bandwagon

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Why You Should Get On This One It seems like everyone is talking about mindfulness this year. You likely saw it on the cover of Time magazine a few weeks ago, but it is being talked about literally everywhere from business magazines (like … Continue reading


Corner Office Anatomy – Got Tight Hips?

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Before I started studying and practicing yoga I didn’t know much about my body. Sure, I was aware of one or another muscle or joint when I noticed it was aching (or when I thought it looked particularly good in … Continue reading


14 Ways Your Life Will Be Better in 2014…

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…IF you take my advice and resolve to practice yoga, meditation and work-life balance this coming year. As we round the corner from one year into the next, now is the perfect time to consider who it is you want … Continue reading