An avid practitioner and teacher of yoga for much of her adult life, Zara began her studies with intensive courses in Astanga (series of vigorous postures linked together by careful attention to the breath) moving on to regular study of the Jivamukti method (use of Astanga postures in varying sequence set to inspirational music).  More recently she has also explored the cosmic connections between yoga and rhythm through courses in African and Afro-Carribean dance.  For the last five years, Zara has also become deeply immersed in Buddhist meditation techniques, both on an intellectual and practical level, maintaining a daily practice of meditating for an hour or more.

Zara believes that her teaching practice is the natural culmination of a lifelong exploration of humanity, and the mind-body phenomenon that makes us special.  Zara deepened her spiritual understanding by a six-month study of yoga and Tantric philosophy in the land where it was born: India.

Apart from the magical subcontinent, Zara has spent several years living in Spain, Russia, Japan, Ghana and Costa Rica acquiring extensive knowledge of the world’s spiritual traditions, such as, Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, astrology, universal mythology, animism, and the mystical practices of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  Frequent travel throughout large parts of Europe, Asia, West Africa and Latin America, has solidified her core belief that we are each a distinct expression of a common divinity.

Using the breath and conscious movement, Zara teaches students how to access and release their own deepest expression. With this in mind, her instruction variously combines a challenging physical practice, calming meditation and therapeutic stretching. Learning from the kids she teaches, her classes are constantly fun.

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