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Corner Office Anatomy – Are You Ready To Give Up On Your Hamstrings?

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If you work in a job that requires you to sit at a desk for hours on end, then you likely have tight hamstrings – and you likely have imagined that you are hopelessly “not flexible” because of it. But before you give up on the backs of your legs, know that there is reason to be optimistic (and it’s easier than you think). Continue reading


The Incredible Importance of Play (and some pictures from my recent Central American adventure)

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Research shows that adults need frequent fun-filled play in their lives to stay healthy and happy. In this post, I share my own playful experiences in order to inspire you to your own. Continue reading


Corner Office Anatomy – Why Your Work Gets On Your Nerves

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Modern workplaces are full of the stress that triggers a “fight or flight” response in our bodies–and the consequence is that nerves are constantly shot. Here are 3 practices you can do right in your office to keep your nerves in tip top shape. Continue reading


14 Thoughts to End the Year

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Old into the new. Happy New Year! Continue reading