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14 Ways Your Life Will Be Better in 2014…

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Add More Time To Your Day

With One Simple Trick…

image by Stuart MilesAre you squeezed on all sides by your schedule?  

You’re not alone: a simple fact of modern urban life is that we are busy.

With so many competing obligations, it’s no wonder that one of the most frequently experienced feelings we all have is a sense of overwhelm.

At its extreme overwhelm can be paralyzing.  But it always tends to slow us down making us work less efficiently and more sloppily—the exact opposite of what we need when we are facing back-to-back important deadlines.

I’ve shared with you before about how practicing yoga and meditation will make you less stressed and more productive (among many other related goodies for your mind and body).

But what about if you are too busy to practice yoga or meditation?

I will answer that question with an old Zen saying that goes like this: you should meditate for 10 minutes each day; unless you are really busy.  In that case you should meditate for an hour.  

In other words, the busier you are the more you need to get more intimate with what’s going on inside.  

In reality we are never too busy.  We simply choose how to spend our time.

An important point I’ve learned in my own busy life is that there is always time in the day to practice yoga and meditation, and to get the benefits.  The simple trick is to schedule a non-negotiable time for it.

Getting it all done...So I’ll share with you a trick that I learned back when I was a young corporate attorney at a law firm in Manhattan.  Whenever I needed to get a personal task done–run an errand, go to an appointment, catch a yoga class–I would tell my secretary to inform anyone looking for me that I was in a meeting.  

Although I no longer work for a law firm, I’m still mad busy with an overflowing Inbox and a constantly ringing phone.  Still, I make sure I schedule daily yoga and meditation meetings into every day.   When I am arranging the rest of my schedule, I let colleagues, clients and anyone else needing my attention know that I am unavailable during those times.  And I’m always glad I do because by consistently moving my body and stilling my mind, I am more effective in managing all the demands in my schedule.

It’s really a practice in setting boundaries and giving yourself permission to have a “meeting” with your body and mind.  In the same way you wouldn’t cancel a meeting with your boss or a client, don’t cancel such an important meeting with your Self.

schedule it

Once you start keeping your regularly scheduled yoga/meditation meetings you will discover the rest of your day runs much more smoothly…and that you have more time in it than you thought.

Now I want you to start scheduling your yoga/meditation meetings today.  But I also want to know if you have a secret trick for getting the most out of your busy day.  Tell me about it in the Comment section below.

And as usual, if you are interested in learning more about how  breathing techniques, mindful movement/asana, meditation and work-life balance can make your urban life better email me at zara@yoginizara(dot)com.

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