My name is Zara and…

_DSC0013…I came to the urban jungle that is NYC to work as a corporate lawyer in midtown Manhattan.  Around the same time I started an intense daily Astanga and Jivamukti yoga routine.

A few years later, I dove into a study of Buddhist meditation techniques.  Then I started teaching, first yoga and meditation, then law related topics, including on how lawyers can better balance their work and life.

Incorporating what I have learned from more than a decade of living, working, studying and teaching in NYC, I practice the art of balancing urban professional career pressures with the relaxing effects of yoga and meditation. This blog contains my insight and instruction on how you can do it too.

For more guidance and/or to set up a yoga, meditation or work-life balance session in your home or office, email me here.

5 responses to “My name is Zara and…

  1. Zara ~ I needed to read your Blog as we are going thru some intense times and it made me pause and relax for a few. Thanks for the reminder, my mother practices meditation daily at 86 and is a student of Unity Ministries so I should know.

    • Hi Merri, I am so glad to hear that! I have heard that we need to keep hearing good advice over and over again, so that is what I am trying to offer in my blog. And what an inspiration to hear about your mother, meditation is such a benefit…but I’m unfamiliar with Unity Ministries…do you have a website address you can share so I can check them out?

  2. Hi Zara, Thanks for your comment on my blog – Healing for the Spirit. I offer My own visualisation and meditation practices in the workplace and am really interested to see that you combine meditation and yoga practice with – do you still have a law-related career? I have a law degree, but have never practised law, so it’s intriguing to see that we have similar backgrounds to the work we do now! I hope that your practice goes from strength to strength!

    • Thank you for your warm wishes Jane. Yes, I do still have a law-related career. I run a legal research/writing out-source service called On Point Expertise, so I keep myself up to date on the every day stresses of the legal profession and it inspires my study and teaching. People seem to crave it deeply…do you find that your students are absorbing the teaching and practicing on their own? I would love to know more about your experiences!

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